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Looking for professional voice actors in Madurai? Madurai has a number of historical monuments, Meenakshi Temple being the most prominent, and pickmyvoice offers energetic and engaging voice-over services in Madurai – all at a button’s click! Compare prices and turnaround time of numerous voice-over artists in Madurai from pickmyvoice and hire the one that fits your audio/video project! We have a team of over 10,000 professional voice artists who work in multiple categories, languages, and genres and can provide you the highest quality voice recordings and professional dubbing services in Madurai. Breathe life into your characters by hiring veteran Madurai voice talents from pickmyvoice . As all of the recordings are done at hi-fi studios, you can be assured of the best voice quality and audio clarity! The versatile voice actors in Madurai can bring any script to life by offering believable, captivating and unique voices and can boost your brand image immensely!

About our voice over services

Voquent is an online voice-over agency representing professional voice-over artists, available now to record on location at one of our recording studio partners or remotely from their own home studios across Singapore & East Asia.

Find more voices in our comprehensive advanced search and choose from thousands of voices speaking in 1500+ dialects and dozens of distinct styles and tones.

Our Approach

Discover the perfect vocal sound for your project with the assurance that we offer only the very best voice actors and a superior production service.

Simply browse the site, shortlist the voice samples you like, and we’ll do the rest.

What We Include

We always provide a detailed written quote with a full specification of everything we include.

Whether you just want a voice actor to attend your own studio or you want a full production service, we’ve got you covered.

Audio-Visual Translations

What’s more, we also specialise in audio-visual translations and can translate voice-over scripts into any other language.

We also offer closed captioning, video editing and audio description services to make any video fully accessible to foreign audiences, the deaf / hard of hearing and blind / visually impaired.

Audio-Visual Services