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Professional Voice Over Recording, Audio, Radio Jingles & Ads Production and Translation Services CONTACT US READ MORE
Professional Voice Over Recording, Audio, Radio Jingles & Ads Production and Translation Services CONTACT US READ MORE

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Audio Production
From Fortune 100s to non-profits, check out our mixes on television, radio, in theaters, and on the web.
Background Music
Our sound designers will help to convey your message with sonic creativity.
Audio Books
We offer professional voice actors for audiobooks, e-books, narrations that play on Kindle.
We provide our clients with impressive film dubbing that are flexible and on-time delivery.
Radio Jingles
Sweet and catchy, radio jingles are short songs or tunes with at least one hook, used in advertising to promote a specific product or service.
Radio Advertishment
Radio ads can be of a lot of styles, With an interesting concept, driving music, and powerful vocals, we can create an effective radio AD campaign for your products or services.

Voice Bank

We also host a voicebank, a repository of more than 400 voice samples in many different languages which can be easily shortlisted or selected. You will have the luxury of choosing various voices of men, women, young adults, teenagers, and kids to suit your desired needs.

Voice overVoice over
Specializes in e-learning

Voice-over & voice prompts

PickMyVoice is a professional voiceover company in India that specializes in e-learning. Our team is composed of voice talents who are not only professional and experienced, but who also have a background in hi-tech, marketing, science, medicine, and/or finance. Our dual set of skills makes us uniquely qualified to record e-learning for these fields. We bring years of experience in vocal performance, along with our familiarity with technical terms and complex concepts, to each and every e-learning project we narrate.

In addition, we’re qualified to provide technical editing for your scripts, if needed.

As we all have professional-grade home studios, you’ll enjoy great audio in your e-learning. And by eliminating the need for third-party studios, we can ensure fast turnaround times and cost-effective use of your company’s e-learning budget.



Projects are priced by the length of the script. The longer the script, the lower the price-per-word.