FAQs on Voice Over Services | Pick My Voice
Our frequently asked questions page is aimed at covering the questions that often come up when looking to hire a voice actor for voiceover work. If you have any questions that aren’t covered on this page then please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

Give us a call! We’ll happily talk through your requirements and send you a shortlist of the voices we think will suit your needs.

Alternatively, you can browse the voice artists on our find a voice artist page and add the actors you are most interested in to a shortlist and then submit that to us via our shortlist page.

We can work on virtually any timescale, from a long run-up to getting you a voice within the hour.

Once you’ve chosen your voice, let us know when you want to record. Depending on artist availability we’ll do our best to match the two up.

Yes We have Mutilple Studio – but we’ll happily recommend one to you. We’re like a walking Yellow Pages when it comes to recording facilities.

Every job is different, but we can work to most budgets. Give us a call to discuss rates.

It’s not just how your voice sounds, it’s what can do with it. Can you speed up a read without making it sound like you’re rushing? Can you lift a script off the page with just an inflection? How you sound is just the tip of the iceberg – technique is equally important.

You’ll need to email your voicereel to us so we can hear what you sound like.

Yes! We need to know how you sound, and more importantly, your voicereel is the first thing we’ll send to a client when we put you up for a job. Think of it as a digital audition.

On the whole, we want to hear commercial demos. Radio drama is less useful for us, so don’t send us your Shakespeare soliloquies, send us your Shake n Vac read instead.

You can, but we want to know what YOU sound like. We’re more interested in your natural accent than being taken on an aural tour of the globe.