Top 5 Voiceover Equipment Essentials Setups for Your Home Recording

1. Microphone

One of the most significant purchases you will make as a voice talent is your microphone. And as the piece of equipment that captures your voice, this tool tops the voice-over essentials. So be sure to choose the best mic as per your requirements. And don’t sacrifice if you can handle buying a more competent microphone.

2. Headphones

Without headphones, it gets difficult to hear your recording well. Many talents will not prefer the use of headphones while recording since it may hinder their ability to hear their natural voice. But it comes down to personal choice. The purpose of headphones in editing is also extraordinary.

Choose headphones that are comfortable for long hours of use. Pick a closed design to assure sound won’t flow into the microphone when you’re recording. A simple pair of earbuds cannot propagate sound with high-quality fidelity, and as an outcome, it is less than ideal. You wouldn’t want to present the project to your client and receive criticism about noise distortion you cannot hear in your earbuds.

3. Audio Interface

The audio interface is one of the voice-over essentials that should be default in your studio. This equipment allows you to control and translate the signal from your microphone to your laptop or computer. You should be familiar with is the pre-amp, which manages your mic’s signal strength. If you buy a weak one, your signal-to-noise ratio will be badly impacted since you have to increase the gain.

4. Pop filter and Shock Mount

When you record, do you notice disturbing “p” and “s” sounds? These plosive sounds are picked up by a sensitive mic. With a pop filter, you can get rid of these sounds and keep your audio precise and crisp since it controls the noise of air you produce as you pronounce certain consonants. Get one made with a stretched and perforated material and position it a few fingerbreadths away from your microphone.

Apart from your pop filters, you also need a shock mount to reduce unwanted noise. The shock mount is responsible for suspending your microphone and canceling noise from vibration, handling, and rumbling.

5. Editing Software

You can’t easily pass your work without editing it. For this, you need audio recording software like Audacity, Adobe Audition, etc. This action touches up your voice. Polishing your recording before exporting it is important since it will guarantee that your output is flawless.

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