The Covid-19 Global pandemic has laid the foundation for the new era of media and advertising. Thereby it accelerated the usage of the Voice Over Industry.

The conversational read is highly in-demand style on Voices. The feeling of human connection is now more vital than ever. Read on to find out the voice-over industry’s future.

1. E-Learning Will Be on The Rise

The lockdown has made it impossible for traditional learning to take place. Soon the corporates and the higher education in India have made the necessary and rapid shift to remote learning. Formal school education is still struggling to shift to remote learning. Online learning is growing at a rapid pace and will do so even in a post Covid world. Thus, with the online learning market growing huge. The content creators will be looking for better voice-over artists/Educational narrators or will be trying to step up their voice-over skills.

2. Brands will use Voiceover for Marketing Messages

The Explainer Videos and video marketing are changing the way brands market their products and services. The Animated Explainer Videos saw a huge rise after the Covid Pandemic because lockdown restricted people to move out. The voice is what gives life to the videos. A terrific voice can connect with the people using apt tone and pitch, thus perfectly conveying the brand’s message. The tone and the enunciation of the voice-over can amplify the qualities of the brand being advertised. Check out our video partner Visual Birds for best-in-class videos for your needs around the Globe.

3. From Print Books to Audio Books

The Covid-19 has changed a lot of human habits. One of the biggest is the reading habits, with people switching to Audiobooks. The popularity of audiobooks is on a rapid rise which is not slowing down anytime soon. When the voice-over used is good, every sentence uttered conveys more than what the words will talk about. Along with audiobooks, one other tool which got popular is podcasts. Both audiobooks and podcasts rely solely on the voice-over being used. Thus the need for good voice-over artists is here to stay.

The most important thing for any voice-over project is the recording studios. One can have their minimalist recording setup at home or can contact a recording studio.

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